This product is 8.5x11 and popularly used to promote your sports photography services which some in the industry call a "Playbook." 

-- Minimum of 8 pages -- Maximum of 40 pages.  

-- Additional pages must be ordered in groups of 4.

-- Outside cover is printed on 80# cover weight with a UV gloss coating.  

-- Inside is printed with 80# text weight coated stock. 

Sports Promo Magazine/Playbook 8.5x11

Sports Promo Magazine/Playbook 8.5x11

Use this "playbook" to market your sports photography services to schools and sports leagues.   This book is 8.5 x11-- minimum of 8 pages -- printed in groups of four pages (8, 12,16,24  up to 48 pages).

- Coated, 80# stock is standard  -- matte/uncoated paper also available.

- Text weight used for inside pages

- Cover weight is used for outside cover with a UV coating applied to cover only

- For books with 8-24 pages a box stitch is used to bind -- if book has more than 28 pages the books are perfect bound